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[b]Berikut terjemah atas jawaban Habibana di atas :[/b]

Alaikumsalam warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

May the Happiness and Comfort of His Blessings always be with you,
My noble brother,

Love is beautiful, created by Allah S.W.T to make us love Him S.W.T, and make us love all things being loved by Him S.W.T.

Hence my suggestion is, to look at your beloved parents with love, thus that vision is noble in the presence of Allah S.W.T,

If we twist our love towards things that are not favored by Allah, hence such love will bring you towards the imperfect life, in the world and the great beyond,

My suggestion is, if you are ready to get married, propose her, that is the true and holy love, uphold your love towards the peak of dignity of eternal love.

Allah S.W.T is incredibly magnificent, and it will feel even more wonderful by having our soul kept away from His forbidden rules, and obey all His rules. He S.W.T will pour love towards the hearts of His servants that make His servants start to be passionate about Him S.W.T,

This is the most beautiful heaven before they all know heaven, and later on they will see the magnificent of Allah, and Allah makes their home at heaven, and indeed, even if they are asked to choose to stay in hell but can see the magnificent of Allah, hence they all will leave heaven to enter hell,

As written in history, when the last servant eventually came out from hell after conceivably hundred thousands of years being crushed down in the fire of hell, after his body was being awaken from death and tortured for million of times, then he was taken in the presence of Allah.., he saw Allah.., then Allah asked him, My servant, how long have you been in the fire of hell?, the servant answered: \"I never experience the tortures of hell at all..\".

Why?, simply disappear all the agony of hell once he could see the magnificent of Allah S.W.T…,

But Allah places the servants who long for Him in heaven, they also want to enter heaven because it is an order from Allah,

They ask for heaven because they know that heaven is the closest place towards Allah,
They desire heaven because it is the place for people loved by Allah,

They wish for heaven because in heaven they will often meet and see Allah..
This is my explanation, my noble brother, may you always be in happiness, success with all your aspirations,

Wallahu a\’lam