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    Praise to Rasulullah (Shollallohu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam)

    Allah The Most Holy, Unfolding the empire of universe with His Pride Light, hence straighten the great space of sky and earth as His perfection symbol, The One in Arrangement, The One in Eternity, The One in Perfection. The empire of universe is thundering during the time with prayer beads to His Presence. The great space sesomnating to sanctify His Name, The Most High. He Created Adam\’s clan to reach the endless life, hence the empire of universe will be annihilate, melt under His Will, and remain the endless affluence continent and Iowliness continent.

    He awaken the Leader of all His Messengers on earth, our lord, Muhammad (peace upon him), best creature, and He fulfill our lord with the perfect behavior, the one creature becoming leader of His Light carriers. Loving on The Prophet (peace upon him) is the perfection of belief as his utterance (peace upon him) : \"No servant is a truthful believer, till I am dearer to him than the members of his household, his wealth and the whole of mankind\" (Shahih Muslim from Anas).

    How big the love of all Shahabah (Allah\’s pleased with them) to Prophet (peace upon him). Love mean always long the lover, always wish with the lover, always do not willing to apart his strong arm, loving all the lover\’s property. Even something touched by Rasul (peace upon him) become glory in Shabah\’s eyes, as history of Sa\’ib bin Yazid (may Allah be pleased with him) : \"My aunt took me to Allah\’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) and said: \’O Rasulullah, here is the son of my sister and he is ailing.\’ He touched my head and invoked blessings upon me. He then performed ablution and I drank the water left from his ablution; then I stood behind him and I saw the seal (prophecy sign) between his shoulders \" (Shahih Muslim, hadits no.2345 or 4328). Other history when told to Ubaidah that we have the hair of Rasul (peace upon him), Ubaidah say : \"If I have a lef of his hair (peace upon him), that more valuable for me than world and all its contents\" (Shahih Bukhari hadits no.168), In other history, Abu Tolhah is the first shahabah who take the hair of Rasul (peace upon him) when he (peace upon him) get a shave (Shahih Bukhari, hadits no.169)

    It is of course a loved will always praised, it is of course a lover will always praise his loved, and praise to the prophet (Peace upon him) may we do everywhere, also in mosque, because love to Allah\’s Messenger is love to Allah, and his self who utter that love me because your love to Allah, and in his hadits utter : \"No servant is a truthful believer, till I am dearer to him than the members of his household, his wealth and the whole of mankind\" ( Shahih Muslim). Even Imam Muslim say that \"Absolutely that someone is not called as believer if he do not love the Prophet (peace upon him)\" (Shahih Muslim Juz 1 p. 67).

    Hassan bin (bin: son of) Tsabit (Allah\’s pleased with him) always praise the Rasul (peace upon him) in Mosque Nabawiy, so when he sing a nasyid (song to praise Allah or Rasul), sudden Umar (Allah\’s pleased with him) glare his eye to Hassan, then Hassan bin Tsabit say : \"I have praised him (peace upon him) in this place (Mosque Nabawy) and there is some one more glorious from thou (Rasul see Hassan and do not prohibit him)\", then Hassan ask to Abu Hurairah which also there with them : \"By God, isn\’t it true that Rasul have prayed for me : O ALLAH, ASSIST HIM (Hassan) WITH HOLY SPIRIT (GABRIEL)?\". Abu Hurairah say : \"Correct\", so Umar (Allah\’s pleased with him) not again dare to bother him. (Shahih Bukhari hadits no.3040. Shahih Muslim hadits no.2485)

    So, it is clear that Rasul (peace upon him) do not prohibit to make praise to Allah and Rasul in Mosque. In other history, Rasul (peace upon him) put a special tribune for Hassan bin Tsabit in Mosque. That tribune used by Hassan to singing praise to Allah and Rasul (Mustadrak Alaa Shahihain hadits no.6058, 6059). When there is people who do not take a fancy to Hassan, Ummul Mu`minin Aisyah fulminate them and say : \"Don\’t affront Hassan, because he always praise Rasulullah (peace upon him\" (Mustadrak Alaa Shahihain hadits no.6063). Imam Hakim say that this utterance is up to standard shahih of Shahih Bukhari and Muslim.

    Now, we have understood that making praise to Rasul like Qasidah, Maulid, etc, is something that glorified by Rasul (peace upon him). And Sayyidatuna Aisyah angry when there is some one who affront some one who praise the Messenger of Allah. Todays, emerge some groups who prohibit the praise to Rasul (peace upon him) and nasyid or qasidah in Mosque. This is show the narrowness of their understanding about Syariah Islamiyyah (Law of Islam). It is true there is Hadits Rasul (peace upon him) which prohibit to read idyls in Mosque, but that is worldliness idyls making ummat (peoples) forget to Allah The Most High, it is not ode to Allah and Rasul (peace upon him) which give spirit to ummat to progressively obey to Allah.

    (Translation of \’Wahai Idolaku III\’)

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