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    When have age to 12 years old, Rasulullah saaw invited by his uncle, Abu Thalib, go to Syam in a trade caravan. When caravan reach Bashrah, they pass a priest of nashrani, Bukhaira. He is a knowledgeable priest of Bible. Then Bukhaira see Muhammad Rasulullah saaw. Last he start to perceive and invite to converse. Then Bukhaira turn around to Abu Thalib and enquire to him? What this child status beside your? Abu Thalib answer ?My child.? Bukhaira expostulate him, ?He is non your child. Not quite the ticket of this child father above the ground.? Abu Thalib say, ?He is my brother?s child.? Bukhaira enquire, ?What had happened to his father?? Abu Thalib answer], ?His father die when this child mother containing him? Bukhaira say, ?You correctness. Bring him go home to his country, and take care of him of Jew people. If them see him, surely will criminal. Real this child will hold big business.? Then Thalib in short order bringing him return to Makkah.

    The people of the Book know him as they know their own sons; but some of them conceal the truth which they themselves know. [QS. Al-Baqarah (2):146]

    In Gospel of Barnabe there is:
    Then say Andrews, ?Teacher, tell us some forerunner concerning Courier of Allah, so that we may know him.? Yesus answer, ?He will not come in a period of you, but will emerge some years after you. When my Epistle will be abolished, finally that over there will happened next to nothing 30 the faithful. When that\’s Allah will present blessing above this world, and become He will delegate His Courier. Above his head will gather white cloud clod, in consequence he will become to be recognized by a Allah choice, and will happened by him showed to world. He will come with big strength oppose infidel people and will break paganism in surface of earth. And that see the with excitement I am, because passing him, Allah will become egregious and also glorified, and I will be recognized to become correctness; and He will conduct retaliation oppose to whosoever to say that me more than a human being. Realy, I tell to you, that moon will assist sleep to him in a period of is adolescent of him, and when he will become to grew up he will pluck that moon with his hands. Let this world watch out for comments to him, because he will kill all pagan, because more which have murdered by Mozes, that Allah slave, and Yoshua do not regret towns which they burn; because at one particular hurt old ones use fire. He will come with clearer truth than all prophet, and will inveigh whosoever utilizing this world without correctness. Town father towers we will salute to greet one another because is happy, there by at the time paganism will be showed down to the ground, then confess I am a human being like other human being, in fact I say to you, That courier surely will come.?

    Entering teen-age, Muhammad Rasulullah saaw set up shop to look for livelihood by herding goat. Allah have looked after him of deviation which is ordinary to be conducted by all young man of age, like extravagant and or conduct games of insult.
    He have wish to spend the night to listen hymns in a party. At the same time await, he sit. But then he made asleep and sleepy till morning. Last of next night he go again to that show place. However he return to fall asleep. Afterwards he never again wish badness.

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